Done With Bullying | Free Children’s Seminars

Masters Academy are strong believers in personal safety. We have done our best to arm our students with practical life skills that will help them in real life. As part of that, we have made an effort to address the bullying behavior that continues to be prevalent in modern society.

Done with bullying

Although extremely important, we believe that it is not enough to just teach our students how to defend themselves against bullying. We want to teach them how damaging bullying can be, so that they will be less inclined to bully others as well. We also want to arm them with effective strategies that they can use to come to the aid of others being bullied.

For all these reasons, we are proud to announce that Masters Academy are now part of the “Martial Artists Against Bullying” (MAAB) movement. This is an international organization made up of professional martial arts instructors from all over the world.

The MAAB has put together a comprehensive anti-bullying programme called “Done with Bullying.”

In order to make the maximum impact on our community, we require an even mix of students and non-students to participate. For that reason, we encourage all participants to bring a friend or classmate with them.

As a proud member of MAAB (Martial Arts Against Bullying), Masters Academy will be holding mini seminars on the ‘Done with Bullying’ programme, with the purpose of helping children of all ages to overcome the impact of bullying. This program will teach participants:

The purpose of this programme is to help children of all ages overcome the negative impact of bullying. This program teaches

Awareness – How to identify predator behaviour

Avoidance – Realistic ways to avoid being a target of bullying

Assertiveness – How to stop bullying behaviour

Research shows that bullying peaks in the 5th, 6th and 7th grades. The goal of this program is to minimize the effects of predatory behaviour in grade school and middle school-aged children. This will be accomplished through role playing, small group discussions and empathy training.

Session I – What is bullying? Why do people do it? Why is it bad to bully others?

Session II – What should we/shouldn’t we do when we see others
being bullied?

Session III – How should you deal with bullying?

Session IV – Buddying

The FREE Seminars will be held on Friday evenings at 4.45 till 5.30pm. Please register early as we have limited places available. Here are the dates;

Module 1. – Friday 19th September at 4.45pm

Module 2. – Friday 26th September at 4.45 pm

Module 3. – Friday 3rd October at 4.45 pm

Module 4. – Friday 10th October at 4.45 pm

(Please see Coach Mike for further details or call 01752 262233)

For more information about children’s classes at Masters Academy please call 01752 262233 or visit martialartsplymouth.co.uk/how-to-join