Covid Safe

Covid-19 has meant business’ across the globe have had to change how they operate to help keep people safe, here is how Masters Academy is helping.

Covid Safe Martial Arts Training –  Here are some of the measures we have put in place to help keep Masters Academy as Covid safe as possible for our coaching team, staff, students and members of the public.

  1. Full Covid-19 Safety Training for all staff
  2. Restricted class numbers
  3. Change over time between classes
  4. More class slots available
  5. Hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility
  6. Temperature checks when entering the facility
  7. Covid-19 Self-Declaration Form when joining
  8. Socially distanced training protocols, no physical contact training
  9. Regular cleaning and disinfection throughout the facility
  10. Regular anti-virus fogging weekly

Face Masks/Coverings – We do not recommend the use of face masks/covering when physically training.

Training Equipment – We are no longer able to lend out gloves, focus mitts etc for training. Any equipment we do use within the Academy for training such as hanging bags, free standing bags, kick shields & boxing sticks can easily be cleaned with anti-virus spray after use.