Masters Academy Plymouth Team

As a member of Masters Academy Plymouth you have the opportunity to train with some truly world class instructors. All our instructors pride themselves on teaching fun, exciting, energetic, and educational classes. Our instructors also understand the importance of continual education and improving their martial arts skills. You will regularly see them training in classes or at any opportunity they get.

Anton St James

Head Instructor

Anton St’James (AKA “Chief”) is the founder & owner of Masters Academy Plymouth. He began martial arts training at a young age and has studied and trained in a wide number of martial arts styles & disciplines.

Specialising in Filipino Martial Arts he spends part of his time here in the UK and part of his time in the Philippines and continues to actively teach classes in his full time martial arts Academy as well as conducting seminars and workshops around the world.


  • Began training in 1971
  • Started teaching in 1977
  • 9th Degree Black Belt in Filipino Martial Arts
  • 6th Degree Black Belt in Karate (Korean & Japanese styles)
  • Founder KTX Kickboxing System
  • National Coach in Muay Thai Kickboxing awarded by Grand Master Toddy
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt Okinawan Kobudo
  • 4 x Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Chief Instructor of Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima UK
  • Head of San Miguel Eskrima UK/Europe
  • Executive Board Member British Council Kali, Eskrima, Arnis Instructors
  • Training Director Street Safe UK Personal Protection Programme & EWAP
  • CDPUK Stickfighting Team Coach
  • Founder Blade Warriors International
  • 2 x British Karate Champion
  • European Karate Champion
  • International Martial Artist of the Year 2015
  • Country Director (UK) Philippines Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • International Advisor Philippines Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Continuously travelled around the world to train with martial arts masters since 1981

Other Qualifications Include:

  • NFPS Breakaway & Disengagement Training
  • Level 2 Fire Safety
  • Anti-Bullying & Bullying Prevention Diploma
  • ADHD Recognition & Management Diploma
  • NFPS Positional Asphyxia Recognition & Prevention Training
  • NFPS Conflict Management
  • Emergency First Aid and AED Training
  • Catastrophic Bleeding Certificate
  • BTEC Level 3 Advanced Self-Defence Instructor
  • Award in Education & Training Level 3
  • Sports Coach UK – How to Plan, do, review in sport
  • Sports Coach UK – Inspiring Positive Behaviour in Sport
  • RedMan Simulation Instructor Certification

If you would like to contact GM. St’James you can e-mail him at: chief@martialartsplymouth.co.uk or stickmaster2000@hotmail.com