5 Tips for Back to School Success

The start of a new school term can be a very daunting time for children and parents. There’s the anxiety of moving into a new year or possibly to a new school, a new set of teachers to meet and learn from, and a last minute dash to get all the necessary school supplies ready for the first day of school. 

However, there’s also a sense of excitement and anticipation that goes with the start of term. It’s fresh new year and every parent wants their child to make it as successful as possible.

A while ago martial arts instructor, and parenting author, Dave Kovar, shared with me his 5 Tips for Back to School Success. Theses are all solid pieces of advice that you can start today and could have a big impact on your child’s success this year.

I thought now would be perfect time to share these tips with you.


Tip #1 Establish a daily routine

Life can be much simpler when everyone knows what’s happening and when. This can be challenging at first but with consistency and persistence it can really help your kids have happy, productive year.

This should include a morning, bedtime, after-school, and homework routine.


Tip #2 Talk to their teacher

Your child’s teacher can be a great source of information on your child’s development. They can tell you the area’s they need to improve and trouble shoot any problems before they arise.

Conversely, you are an expert on your child and you can be an invaluable source of information for their teacher.


Tip #3 Talk with your Child at home

It’s important to take an active interest in your child’s life. Growing up can be hard and children face many challenges on a day to day basis.

Regularly talking with your child will allow you to deal with any issues that may arise and offer guidance on the best course of action.


Tip #4 Attitude is Everything

Teach your child the most important quality in life is having a positive attitude and they are in control of their attitude.

The easiest way of doing this is by setting a good example and surrounding them with positive role models.


Tip #5 Encourage positive relationships

A famous quote by Jim Rohn is; “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

So if you choose to be around positive, happy, confident people, then you’ll probably be positive happy, and confident.

As a parent you can influence who your child spends time with by having them join clubs, or taking part in activities.


A Note From A Head Teacher

Shortly after this article was first published I received a note from David, a head teacher at one of the local schools. He gave me his perspective on help your child have the best year and gave me permission to share it.
Here’s David message:

“Hi Tom

Lovely to see the positive message given out. I think it misses a component that is important.

Namely that parents have an expertise in their child and a perspective that is different which good schools would want to listen to.

As a teacher I have often noticed that parents lose power in situations when they forget their expertise in their child which the teacher won’t have.

It’s not about right or wrong but about building a picture together.

Kind regards


This reinforces the importance of the parent and teacher relationship and communication. You are an expert on your child, and have knowledge that their teacher greatly appreciate. As you can see form Dave’s message their teacher would be delighted to have that knowledge.

From my perspective as an martial arts instructor, I would find your experience in how your child learns, or any issues they might be facing invaluable.

So please next time you talk to your child’s teacher or instructor share with them you expertise on your child. I can guarantee they’ll be grateful.


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