Ben’s Story: The best thing about training at Masters Academy is the people

How does a former professional footballer feel about training at Masters Academy?

We sat down with Ben, one of our students and a former premier league football player, to discuss his experience training in our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes and how the classes have benefitted him.

MAP: “Ben, What’s your favourite thing about training at Masters Academy?”

Many things at Masters Academy are excellent, including the high level of instruction and the depth knowledge given.

However, the best thing for me about training at here would be the people. It’s a great place to come where you’ll find friendly people, and everyone is willing to help.

No one has an ego, and it’s easy to make friends, which is very important, as martial arts academies can be intimidating places. That’s the best thing for me.

MAP: Ben What did you do before training with us at Masters Academy Plymouth?

Before training at Masters Academy, I was a professional footballer since I left school at 17. I played all the way up until I was 25 until I fell out of love with the sport and fell in love with martial arts.

I’ve been training martial arts since then.

MAP: “What about our facility here?”

The facilities here at Masters Academy are second to none. The training area is brilliant and has everything including high-quality equipment.

Also, there is a comfy seating and reception area for parents, and the facilities overall are very clean.

MAP: What benefits have you experienced from your training here?”

Personally, the biggest benefit I’ve gained is discipline; it’s taught me to be a very calm person.

Other benefits include life skills such as confidence in yourself and the way you are. Fitness is also a massive part of martial arts and can be improved a lot with the help of Masters Academy.

Training has helped me a lot in life.

MAP: What would you say to anyone thinking about training at our Academy?

Do it.

Whatever your goal is masters will help you achieve it, whether that’s just getting fit or meeting new people or experiencing new things. All the way up to competition, if that is a goal

They have the best coaches to help you in any area you need, and my advice would be if you want to do it go for it.

MAP: “Thank you for your feedback Ben, it is much appreciated.”

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