Kickboxing For Self Defence // August 2017 Seminar

There is a world of difference between a ring fight and a street fight. While your Kickboxing training will form a solid foundation for self-defence, because it’s taught from a sporting perspective, a few key elements are missing that make it truly effective on the street.

That’s where the Kickboxing For Self Defence Workshop comes in.

Kickboxing for Self Defence // Seminar

This 3-hour workshop will give you the essential skills necessary to survive a violent street encounter and apply the tools you already have in a new street effective way.


  • The law relating to self-defence
  • The Paradox of Violence
  • Victim selection
  • The 4 D’s
  • Making yourself a “HARD” target
  • The Fence
  • Maintaining range
  • Pre-fight indicators
  • Taking control
  • The most effective tools you already have
  • Fear management
  • The Trojan Horse metaphor (anticipatory self-defence)
  • Post-conflict

LOCATION: Masters Academy Plymouth

TIME: 2.00pm till 5.00pm

PRICE: £20.00 (£30.00 after 11th August 2017)

AGE SUITABILITY: 12 years and over

Click the button below to secure your space and learn the skills to make your Kickboxing street effective.

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