Isaac’s Story: “Its a lot of fun and I’ve made many friends”

There are numerous benefits that children can get from training martial arts. There are the obvious benefits like fitness, flexibility, and self-defence and the less obvious ones such as self-discipline, focus, and developing friendships.

All in all, martial arts classes are an excellent activity for children to participate in, providing you find the right instructor and the appropriate class.

Masters Academy is known for having some of the best kids martial arts classes in the South West, a fact we’re very proud of, but what’s it like to be a child attending our classes?

We sat down with Isaac, one of our cadets, to discuss how he feels about training at the academy, and how the classes have benefitted him.

MAP: “Hello Isaac, what did you do before training martial arts at Masters Academy Plymouth?”

I used to do karate, but I left. I also did, and still do, football, which I really enjoy.


MAP: What’s your favourite thing about training at Masters Academy?”

I love training at Masters Academy! The classes and instructors have helped me develop my flexibility and fitness

It has helped me with my balance in football and concentration. Its a lot of fun and I’ve made many friends here.


MAP: “Isaac, what about our coaching team?”

The coaches at Masters Academy will help you in small steps to help you get up to the correct standard. They are tough, but they help you understand that it’s all about self-improvement.

All the coaches are fun, very helpful, and very confident in what they do.


MAP: “What about our facility?”

The facilities are excellent and very clean. There’s a lot of equipment for us to use while training, which makes the classes fun!


MAP: “What benefits have you experienced from your training here?”

Since starting Masters Academy, it has helped me build my confidence and now feel comfortable working with people I don’t know. It has also helped me with my fitness.

Also, it has helped with my aggression. I feel I have more discipline than I did before starting at Masters Academy Plymouth.

Masters Academy has helped me to recognise my areas of strength and helped me to improve in things I find hard.


MAP: “What would you say to anyone thinking about training at our Academy?”

It’s incredibly fun, and it is a bit way to increase your confidence around other people and to improve your fitness



MAP: “Thank you for your feedback Isaac, it is much appreciated.”

If you’d like to learn more about the children’s classes at Masters Academy and how they could benefit your child, give us a call on 01752 262233 or CLICK HERE and request your FREE Trial.