52 Ways Martial Arts Will Make You A Badass…

52 Ways Martial Arts Will Make You A Badass…

One of the major reasons I stared martial arts was because I wanted to be Bruce Lee.

Thankfully, I found an instructor that was willing (and able) to indulge my fantasies. He taught me all kinds of cool things and I was pretty close to achieving my goal before I switched my focus to Jiu Jitsu.

Everyone has their own reasons for starting martial arts training such as fitness, self defence, competition, etc… but what ever the reason you start, you get all the other benefits as well.

It’s a sort of buy one get 51 free type deal.

To show you what I mean here are 52 ways martial arts can make you a bad ass:

  1. Cardio-Vascular Fitness
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Muscle development
  4. Flexibilty
  5. Muscle Tone
  6. Increased Strength
  7. Increased Power
  8. Increased Speed
  9. Agility
  10. Balance
  11. Core strength
  12. Mind / Body connection
  13. Co-ordination
  14. Dexterity
  15. Spatial Awareness
  16. Confidence
  17. Focus
  18. Self-Discipline
  19. Stress Relief
  20. Memory
  21. Team work
  22. Integrity
  23. Honesty
  24. Self Defence
  25. Competition
  26. Awareness
  27. Respect
  28. Skill Development
  29. Work Ethic
  30. Punctuality
  31. The ability to learn
  32. The ability to teach
  33. Communication
  34. Understanding of anatomy
  35. Understanding of physiology
  36. Travel
  37. Life long friendships
  38. Experience new cultures
  39. Learn new languages
  40. Understanding of nutrition
  41. Understanding of diet
  42. Understanding of strength and conditioning training
  43. Understanding of Preparation and Planning
  44. Controlling of ego
  45. Overcoming fear
  46. Breathing control
  47. Sense of wellbeing
  48. Anger control
  49. Positive attitude
  50. Goal setting
  51. Overcome adversity
  52. Quit bad habits

Regardless of your reasons for starting martial arts you will have the opportunity to gain all these benefits and more. How do I know, you may wonder? Because that’s a list of ways martial arts training helped me.

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