Mastering Martial Arts Ep.12: Effective Pad Holding pt1

Mastering Martial Arts Ep.12: Effective Pad Holding pt1

One of my biggest pet hates is bad pad holding.

I’m sure at some point in your martial arts journey you’ve had an experienced something like this; you’re working with a new training partner on the pads and go to land your knockout blow…

…except when you make contact it feels like you’re hitting a wet kipper! There’s no resistance and the pad is in completely the wrong place.

You then spend the rest of the round showing them how to hold pads correctly instead of focusing on becoming the next Chuck Norris.

Often this is not their fault. They can’t magically be expected to know how to hold pads.

But pad work is an excellent tool for developing you and your partners skills. As the pad holder, it will help you understand combination development and defence. As a the pad hitter, it can develop all manner of skills including fitness, accuracy, and technique

Like any training tool you need to be taught how hold pads effectively. That’s why we regularly have pad holding seminars and encourage all our students to attend them. (Our next one will be on the 19th March)

I have also just released the latest episode of Mastering Martial Arts that covers how to effectively hold pads for punches. Regardless of your skill level, I’d highly recommend checking it out. I’m sure you’ll discover a few tips and tricks.

Mastering Martial Arts Ep.12

Key Points:

– Pads should replicate a person.
– Give a little energy to give realistic feedback to your partner.
– Keep pads in tight to your body
– The pads replicate the person, you don’t necessarily need to.

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