52 Reasons Why Our Academy is Awesome52 REASONS OUR ACADEMY IS AWESOME

Masters Academy Plymouth has been teaching martial arts classes in Plymouth since 1999. In that time we’ve helped hundreds of people get in great shape, lose weight, learn effective self defence skills, and get all the other benefits associated with martial arts training.

Here are 52 reasons Masters Academy Plymouth is an awesome place to train and not just your average martial arts school;

Our Training Facility

1. 2600 sq ft fully matted gym – Our matted area is probably the largest in the south west covering a massive 2600 sq ft, broken down into two training areas. It was installed by the UK leading martial arts fitting company, ProTec, in August 2012.
2. Cage Safety Walls – These are essential for any modern Mixed Martial Arts academy. They allow students to work specific situations for self defence and MMA. They are also a lot safer than regular walls as they are designed for people to fall against and onto. These were also installed by Protec at the same time as the mats.
3. Bag Rack – We have a large bag rack, and in total we have the space for 13 heavy bags of various sizes and shapes. These are great for solo training or can give you an amazing workout.
4. Changing Rooms – Our Academy has separate Male and Female changing rooms that include toilets, showers, and baby changing facilities.
5. Pro-Shop – We have a Pro-shop where you can buy any and all equipment, you may need to train safely at our Academy. If we don’t have it in stock we can order it for you very quickly at no extra cost. We also produce our own brand of martial arts clothing and equipment direct from our suppliers in China.
6. Reception – Whenever you enter our Academy you will be warmly greeted by our reception staff. Our staff are there to help you with anything you need to succeed in your training.
7. Coffee Shop –We have a Coffee shop within our facility. This allows parent and students a comfortable place to sit and wait while classes are going on.
8. Decoration – Our Academy is regularly redecorated so that is stays looking fresh. In a normal year we will do this at least three times.
9. Cleanliness – We pride ourselves on having a clean and tidy Academy. The entire Academy is cleaned daily, and is given a deep clean once per week. We also clean and disinfect the mats every day and even after some of the classes.

View into Mat 1 at Masters Academy Plymouth
View into Mat 1 at Masters Academy Plymouth

Our Classes

10. Instructor / Student ratio – our goal is to have a ratio of one instructor to every 10 students, and in our Children’s classes we try to have an even lower ratio than that. This means that no student will be left out in class.
11. Variety of Martial Arts – We offer a huge variety of martial arts training including; Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts, Taekwondo and Martial Arts Tricking. We truly are a ‘Mixed’ Martial Arts Academy.
12. Variety of start times – We offer different start times for our classes so our classes should fit into anyone’s schedules.
13. Daytime Classes – On top of our evening classes we also have classes during the day. This is great for anyone that works shifts or who wants to train multiple times per day.
14. Ability specific classes – Our classes are broken down by skill level. We have specific classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.
15. Age Specific Classes – We also break our classes down by age. We have classes specifically designed for 4-6 years, 7-10yrs, 11-14yrs, and 14 yrs and older.
16. Student Focused – Our classes are focused on the students. The instructors are not here to dazzle you with fancy techniques. They are there to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s fitness, competition, self-defence, or just for fun.
17. Women’s Only Classes – Some Ladies don’t feel comfortable training with Men, consequently we set up our Womens only programme. In these classes we help like minded women train and achieve their goals.
18. Competition Training Classes – No everyone wants to compete, but for those students that do we have our competition training classes. Competitors need a specific training environment where they can develop their skills and prepare for competition.
19. Open Mats – When we don’t have classes on our Academy is always open for our students to come down and get in a little extra training.
20. Full Time Academy – We are open 10am – 9pm Monday – Friday, and 10am – 3pm on Saturdays. We will also be opening on Sundays soon.
21. Curriculum – All of our programmes have a structured curriculum, which is freely available to all our students. This means we know what you know, what we need to teach you, and can plan our classes accordingly.
22. Grading Structure – All of our programmes have a grading structure. This allows students to know where they have come from, and where they need to go. It also allows our students to set goals according to the grading structure.
23. Always Evolving – Martial Arts is continually evolving and we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of martial arts training. This knowledge allows us to better educate our students and help them become complete martial artists.


Our Instructors

24. Head Instructor – The Academies head instructor Anton St’James is a legend in the martial arts community. He is currently a 9th Degree Grand Master and has been training martial arts for well over 40 years and teaching for over 35 years. He was one of the pioneers of Martial Arts in the UK.
25. Decades of Teaching Experience –our instructors are vastly experienced with well over 100 years of martial arts training and teaching behind them. They all also continue to train regularly to maintain their skills and undergo continuous personal development training.
26. Instructors Training Programme – All our instructors go through our extensive Certified Instructor Training Programme where we teach them how to teach. This way we are able to maintain an incredibly high standard throughout all our classes.
27. First Aid Qualified Instructors – One of the requirements to be an instructor at our academy is a knowledge of First Aid, and ongoing development in this area.
28. CRB Checked Instructors – our instructors go through enhanced CRB checks, to check their suitability to teach martial arts to children and vulnerable adult.
29. Fully Insured – our instructors are required to be fully insured against professional liability.
30. World Class Guest Instructors – We regularly have guest instructors visit our Academy to teach seminars and special courses, many of these are former world champions, and considered world class instructors.

Braulio Seminar group photo

Our Children’s Programme

31. Child Protection Policy – We have an comprehensive children protection policy and a fully trained child protection officer.
32. Children’s university – We are the only Martial Arts Academy in Plymouth that is a member of the Children’s University. This is a national initiative designed to promote learning and exercise in Children.
33. Bright, Confident, Kids – We are the only Academy in Plymouth to offer the Bright, Confident Kids programme. This is a character education programme designed specifically to educate children aged 4 – 10 years old and is given to all our junior students.
34. Extra Needs Classes – We have specific session available for children with extra needs.
35. Kids SAFE – We are the only Academy in Plymouth involved with the Kids Safe programme designed to teach children to be safer.
36. Bully Buster Programme – This programme is designed to teach children to deal with negative peer pressure and bullying. It is freely offered to all our junior students.
37. Leadership Team – This is a special programme that teaches leadership qualities to our Junior students.
38. Safety School – We offer a safe school to all our junior students which teaches them topics like; stranger danger, fire safety, electrical safety, and more.
39. Age Specific Classes – we understand that different age groups of children learn in different ways. That’s why we break our children’s programme in to three age groups; 4 – 6 yrs, 7 – 10 yrs, and 11 – 14 yrs.

Chief Kids Grading

Our Joining Process

40. FREE Trial – You can try out any of our classes for FREE! On top that you’ll also receive a Free Consultation, and a FREE T-Shirt.
41. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – We are the only Academy in Plymouth to offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on all our adult programmes.
42. Introductory Process – You will be guided through every step of the joining process and we’ll make sure you’re ready to start your martial arts training.
43. Bespoke Training Schemes – You can choose the number of classes you want to attend, when you want to attend them, and the specific martial arts style you want to train in.
44. Referral Offer – for every person you recommend to the Academy and who then becomes a member, you’ll receive £25.00 and a T-shirt as a thank you.


Other Benefits

45. Social networks – As a member you can get access to our extensive Social network on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others. These are all regularly updated with important new and interesting topics.
46. Every student counts – Every student is important to us. We aim to help each and every one of them achieve their goals.
47. Student Reviews – We regular review our students progress and will help you create a plan to achieve your goals.
48. Fitness Assessments – We offer regular fitness assessments so you can find out how your fitness is improving and the specific areas you need to develop
49. Nutrition Assessments – A healthy diet is one of the most important factors in performance and a health. We will help you stay on track with our regular Nutrition Assessments.
50. Health & Safety Policy – Your safety is of paramount importance to us, consequently we have an extensive health & safety policy in place that is regularly monitored and up-dated to ensure legal compliance.
51. Scholarships – Every so often we offer full or part scholarships to our Academy. These are awarded out to people who we think would benefit from martial arts training but simply can’t afford our fees.
52. Online Student Site – We’re in the process of building a full online student training site. This will include curriculums, training videos, important information and more.
53. Red Man Training Centre – We are an official Red Man Training centre, this is one of the best ways to develop realistic self-defence skills.

To get start on your Free Trial call the Academy now on 01752 262233 or fill out the form on this page.