Simple Password System: Never Forget A Password Again

This article has absolutely nothing to do with martial arts training, but everything to do with self protection.

In this article you’ll learn the four simple steps to creating an unbreakable, unforgettable password, that’s different for every time. Hopefully, it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Never forget your password again!

As we move more and more to an online world, everything requires a password. The fear is if you only have one password and if someone hacks it your entire world will be open to them.

This means that you need different passwords for everything and that you need to remember them all, then you have the problem that some require numbers, symbols, or capitalization.

I’m sure you’ve been in the situation where you’ve forgotten a password to an online account. You’ve then had to reset it, come up with a new one, only to find you’ve already used it.

You then spend the next ten minutes trying to think of something memorable that fits all the requirements. Worst still, next time you go to log in you’ve forgotten it again.

All in all it’s frustrating, annoying, and time consuming.

I used to get this all the time until one of my friends shared this simple password system with me. It’s so simple once I tell you you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t think of it sooner, just like I was.

The best thing is you’ll only need to remember one password, and it will be different for every account. Impossible you say?

Prepare to be amazed and let me explain it to you.

Here are the four simple steps to an unbreakable password, thats different every time, and easy to remember;

Step 1: Choose a memorable word
Step 2: Choose a memorable number or sequence of numbers (not your birthday)
Step 3: Choose some punctuation

Now all you need to do is put them some sort of order to it. For example;

coffee18? or 1927wallet!

It doesn’t matter what order you arrange each section, just that you keep it the same every time.

Some of you are now going to say but that’s only one password and you said four steps. We’ll Step 4 is the really clever bit.

Step 4: At the start of your new password add the capital letter of the site you are using.

So let’s say I’m on Gmail, my password would be Gcoffee18? If I’m on Skype it might be Scoffee18?

It’s incredible simple but virtually unbreakable, providing you don’t share it, and use random words and numbers.

I hope this saves you a little time and frustration from now on as it has for me.

As I said this is not a martial arts technique, but is vitally important for your protection. Self-Defence is about more that just kicking and punching. It’s about protecting your mind, body, and everything you hold most dear.

This is what we try to achieve everyday in our martial arts classes. Our classes will provide you with a total Self-Defence activity, and can have positive benefits throughout your life.

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