Metamoris 4 Review & VideosMetamoris 4

Over the weekend the fourth installment of Metamoris took place in Los Angeles, California. Metmoris is a professional Jiu Jitsu competition where competitors are fight for 20 minutes with the only way to win being by submission.

In the past Metamoris has had some mixed reviews. They’ve had some awesome fights (like Roger Gracie vs Buchecha), some not so awesome fights, (like Cyborg vs Brendon Schaub), and they’ve also had some technical issues with the live stream.

Thankfully, Metamoris 4 had non of these problems. The stream worked well, and all the fights were entertaining.

This installment also had a unique twist. A secret match. No one, including the fighters, had any idea who was fighting. The competitors found out who they were fighting about 1 minute before they started fighting.

Here are all the fights from Metamoris IV

Chael Sonnen vs André Galvão

Josh Barnett vs Dean Lister

Jeff Glover vs Baret Yoshida (Secret Match)

Saulo Ribeiro vs Rodrigo Medeiros

Vinny Magalhães vs Keenan Cornelius

Kit Dale vs Garry Tonon


This was the best installment of Metamoris yet. They had non of the problems that have plagued them in the past, and every fight was entertaining. (My favourite being the secret match between Jeff Glover and Baret Yoshida.)

Hopefully Metamoris 5 will be just as good and keeping pushing the boundaries of professional Jiu Jitsu.

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