Mastering Martial Arts Ep.13: Pre-competition Tactics

Mastering Martial Arts Ep.13: Pre-competition Tactics

One of the most common questions I get asked is how do I prepare for a competition and deal with pre-competition nerves.

Nerves can kill your performance. For a long time, I really struggled with pre-competition nerves.

I would arrive at a competition well prepared and in peak condition but after only a few minutes of competing it would feel like I was moving through quicksand and I’d be gasping for air.

After many frustrating years and a lot of research, I learned how to control my nerves and perform in a competition environment.

In this episode of Mastering Martial Arts, you’ll discover the strategies I use before every competition that allows me feeling confident and controlled when competition

Mastering Martial Arts Ep.13

Key Points:

– Use the same warm for training and competition
– Don’t change your diet, you don’t know how you’ll feel
– Visualise the competition experience so you’re comfortable in the environment
– Train like you want to compete
– Allow nerves to wash over you and control your heart rate with combat breathing

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