Mastering Martial Arts Ep.06: Belts and Grading

Mastering Martial Arts Ep.06: Belts and Grading

Belts and grading are an integral part of most martial arts. However, they are often misunderstood.

Coloured belts are a relatively new tradition, originally the only belt you received was a white belt. This stayed with you throughout your entire martial arts journey.

Over the years your white belt would become darker through sweat and the rigors of training, until it eventually it was black.

Nowadays we have a coloured indicate progression from white to black, but the principle remains the same. The colours get darker to indicate relative skill level.

In this episode of Mastering Martial Arts, Tom talked everything to do with belts and grading.

Key Points:

  • The History Of Gradings
  • Why Grading Is Important
  • Your grade is an indication of your progression compared to yourself
  • Don’t rush your journey. Enjoy each stage along the way, and remember earning a black belt is just the beginning.
  • Take Pride in Your Belt you worked hard to achieve it.

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