Front Kick Catches and Follow Ups

Part of this month’s Elite Muay Thai curriculum is kick catches and follow ups. The classes will cover catches against the Front Kick, Round Kick, and Side Kicks.

Here is a video showing 6 Front Kick catches and follow ups, some of which will be covered in our Elite Kickboxing classes;

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Mastering Muay Thai pt1


Mastering Muay Thai Seminar

Do you want to learn more of these kind of techniques? If the answer is yes then you should attend our Mastering Muay Thai Seminar on Saturday 28th June 2014.

The seminar will be taught be SWFC champion Louis Aitken, who has just returned from a seven month trip to Thailand where he trained at some of the worlds best Muay Thai gyms.

For more information on this seminar visit https://martialartsplymouth.co.uk/mastering-muay-thai-part-one/