A Letter On Balancing Needs

One of the most challenging aspects of running a professional martial arts school is balancing the needs of everyone involved. 

We must balance the needs of a business, the needs of the student, the needs of the coaching team and in the case of our younger students, the needs of the parent.

Masters Academy has been operating successfully since 1999 and has grown from just a handful of students training in a squash court to what is now one of the top martial art schools in the UK.

This has not happened by accident.  Our growth has come through many hours of dedicated work in getting the needs of all involved balanced in a way that ensures the Academy runs smoothly and grows steadily.

Sure, we’ve had our challenging moments, all business’s do, but we’ve always negotiated these challenges professionally and always with balance at the forefront of what we do.

The unfortunate fact is you will never please all people all the time, no matter how hard you try. If you try to do this nothing turns out well in the long run.

The best you can do is attempt to strike a balance between everyones needs.  This is done through careful consideration, compromise and planning.

The Academy team works closely with a number of professional organisations.  This ensures what we do and how we do it complies with all legal requirements and that our coaching team are equipped to deliver the highest level of instruction to the students.

Our students are our priority and always remain at the forefront of our operating methods.

We always welcome feedback from students, parents, family and friends and will continue to work on improving the quality and standards offered at Masters Academy.

That is how we have always operated and is why we have grown into the highly respected school we are today.

Chief Signature

Anton St’James
Owner of Masters Academy Plymouth