3 Ways To Prepare Your Back For Martial Arts

3 Ways To Prepare Your Back For Martial Arts

Back injuries suck. But I didn’t really understand how much they sucked until I had one. Putting my socks on became a challenge and a sneeze would drop me in spasms of pain faster than a Mirko CroCop head kick.

Injuring my back was also the first time I’d ever had to take time off training. And it kept me out for around 6 months. During that time, I spent all the monies and saw all the specialist trying to figure out to fix it.

But it wasn’t until the initial pain had subsided that I discovered what had caused it.

Years of martial arts training had created imbalances my body and tightness in my hips. Which is bizarre as I could almost do the splits at the time. Once I realised this, it allowed me to start the road to recovery.

A big part of that was understanding how to relieve the tensions of martial arts and increase my hip and hamstring flexibility. This video covers two ways I prepare my back for training and the best way I’ve found to relieve the tension created by martial arts.

3 Ways To Prepare Your Back For Martial Arts

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