Masters Academy Plymouth Newsletter | June 2014

Masters Academy Plymouth Newsletter | June 2014

We’ve got a busy month ahead at the Academy full of seminars, demonstration’s, competition’s, and lots of training.

For a look ahead at the month here’s our video newsletter for June 2014;

Here is a breakdown of whats going on and some useful links to find out more information

Seminars & Events:

14th June: Lord Mayors Day Parade
21st June: Nutrition & Diet Seminar 1.30pm – 2.30pm
28th June: Mastering Muay Thai Seminar 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Summer Camp:

11th – 14th August 2014

Proshop Offer:

Get a Free pair of hand wraps when you buy a pair of gloves.

Next Grading:

July 5th forms in by Wednesday 2nd July


14th June: Bournemouth BJJ Open http://www.bournemouthopen.co.uk/
6th July: Surrey Open (Guilford) http://www.surreyopen.co.uk/
SWFC 10: Saturday 19th July


Essential Striking: Hooks and Uppercuts
Elite Striking: Jump Kicks and Kick Catches

Essential Jiu Jitsu: Takedowns
Elite Jiu Jitsu: Closed Guard Passing