How To Choose A Safe, Professional Martial Arts School | 16 Point Checklist

16 Point Checklist:

How To Choose A Safe, Professional Martial Arts School


The martial arts industry is one of the few industries that is largely unregulated.  And unfortunately, virtually anyone can call themselves a “professional” without any basis for that claim.

Martial arts training can have amazing positive benefits.  But it can also be a dangerous activity if not correctly coached and correct safety procedures followed.

Everyone’s heard stories of people forced to spar in their first class, schools that advertise one thing and teach something completely different, academies using low price offers to entice people to join then tying them into unreasonable contracts they’re forced to pay, or instructors abusing their power and putting their students in unnecessary danger.

The problem is when you open the phone book or visit a website how do you tell the great martial arts schools from the ones you’d NEVER ever want to visit.

We’ve put together a 16 point checklist to help you choose a safe, professional school.

We see these as the minimum standards a martial arts school should have in place.  If a school doesn’t have these things in place you should carefully consider whether they’re a safe place for you and your family to train.



Use this checklist to ensure a martial arts school meets the minimum professional standards.  A professional school should be able to provide you with proof of each one.

    1. Full Enhanced DBS Checks
    2. Emergency First Aid Trained
    3. Child & Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy & Training
    4. Trained Child Protection Officer
    5. Autism & ADHD Trained Coaches
    6. Anti-Bullying Policy
    7. Health & Safety Policy
    8. Equity In Training Policy
    9. Fully Insured Instructors
    10. Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance
    11. Student Injury Insurance Cover
    12. Comprehensive Instructor Training Programme
    13. Professional Instructors
    14. Professional & Ethical Business Practices
    15. Mission, Vision, and Values Statement
    16. Comprehensive Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Curriculum

If a school meets all these standards then there’s a good chance they’re a professional, ethical, safe place to train.

The “great” instructors work hard to distinguish themselves from the fly-by-night schools that use unsafe teaching practices, hard-sell tactics, and often have unsavoury employees.

A true martial arts professional will evaluate your needs and provide you the right training and support to achieve those needs.

Martial Arts training is a fun and rewarding activity. It will improve your fitness, teach you valuable self-defence skills and develop positive skills such as; confidence, self-discipline, and control.

You can get all these benefits and more PROVIDING you join a professional school, where classes are taught by a qualified instructor.

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If you are looking for a martial arts school that promotes positive values and has a nurturing and supportive attitude towards their students, then we could be the martial arts school for you.

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