BJJ World Championships 2014 Results & Video’s

BJJ World Championships 2014 Results & Video’s

Over the last few days the most prestigious competition in the BJJ calendar took place, the 2014 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships aka the Mundials.

The competition took place at it’s current home the Walter Pyramid at Cal State University in Long Beach, California.

Every division was stacked with the worlds best Jiu Jitsu practitioners fighting for the title of world champion. Here are the results of the Black belt divisions;

Male Black Belt Results:

Rooster: Bruno Malfacine beat Joao Miyao via referees decision
Light Feather: Gui Mendes beats Paulo Miyao via 1 advantage
Feather: Rafa Mendes beats Cobrinha by 12-8
Light: Lucas Lepri beats JT Torres by 12-0
Middle: Leandro Lo beat Otavio Souza by 9-6
Middle Heavy: Braulio Estima beats Romulo Barral by gentlemens agreement
Heavy: Felipe Preguica beats Andre Galvao by 6-4
Super Heavy: Rodolfo Vieira beat Bernardo Faria via arm bar
Ultra Heavy: Marcus Buchecha beats Alexander Trans via bow and arrow choke

Female Black Belt Results:

Rooster: Shiho Yaginums beat Marcela Lawton
Light Feather: Gezary Kubis beat Ariadne Oliveira
Feather: Michelle Nicolini beat Tammi Musumeci
Light: Bia Mesquita beat Luiza Monteiro
Middle: Janni Larsson beat Vanessa Oliveira
Middle Heavy: Ana Laura Cordeiro beat Hannette Staack
Heavy: Andresa Correa beat Fernanda Mazzelli
Super Heavy: Venla Luukkonen beat Andrea Pereira

Open Weight Finals:

Marcus Buchecha beat Rodolfo Vieira by points
Bia Mesquita beat Michelle Nicolini by 5-0.

Here are a few of the matches from this years Mundials:

Male Black Belt Absolute Division between Buchecha and Rodolfo Vieira

Black Belt Feather Weight Quarter Final match between Cobrinha and Italo Silva

Black Belt Feather Weight Semi Final match between Rafa Mendes and Mario Reis

Black Belt Medium Heavy Quarter Final match between Braulio Estima and Thiago Silva