Molly’s Story.

There are numerous benefits that children can get from training martial arts. There are the obvious benefits like fitness, flexibility, and self-defence and the less obvious ones such as self-discipline, focus, and developing friendships.

All in all, martial arts classes are an excellent activity for children to participate in, providing you find the right instructor and the appropriate class.

Masters Academy is known for having some of the best kids martial arts classes in the South West, a fact we’re very proud of, but what’s it like to be a child attending our classes?

We sat down with Molly, one of our Taekwondo Students, to discuss how she feels about training at the academy, and how the classes have benefitted her.




MAP: What’s your favorite thing about training at Masters Academy?”

It’s very friendly and it’s got very good facilities.

I like doing flips and tricks with Andy because it’s great to be able to do stuff that my friends can’t do.

MAP: “ So what kind of flips can you do.

I can do back & front handspring by myself and I’m learning to do back flips, web star flips, and Ariel plus moon kick.

MAP: “Molly, what do you like about our coaching team?”

The coaches are great they compete on a regular basis and use those experiences to teach us cool stuff.

MAP: “What benefits have you experienced from your training here?”

I have gained discipline & and learned new skills from my taekwondo coach Andy.

MAP: “What would you say to anyone thinking about training at our academy?

Go for it, its fun you will enjoy it.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Molly.

See you in class.



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