The ‘Triple A’ Self Defence System

The ‘Triple A’ Self Defence System 

One of the most common reason people start training martial arts at Masters Academy is for self defence. In this article I’d like for share with you a very simple three step system that will help you stay safe and sound. It’s called the Triple A self defence system.

But first I want you to imagine a scenario. Your walking down the street late at night and someone jumps out from the shadows at you. What would you do?

Most people hope they’d be able to deal with the situation and protect themselves. But how do you know? Unfortunately, the reality is normally very different and unless you’re prepared for that situation it could be life threatening.

Effective self defense training is only about 10% physical. The rest is mental and should happen long before you ever face an attacker. In fact if you find yourself having to defend a punch or kick it’s already to late. You should have dealt with the situation long before it got there.

In any physical altercation you will get hurt. Even if you drop the person with your first punch you’re more than likely going to injury your hand. There’s also the legal repercussions to consider.

Self defence is for every part of your life, not just for when a confrontation happens. From the moment you wake to the moment you fall asleep safe and sound in your bed.

You need to follow a proven system that will allow you to deal with a situation before it ever gets physical. That’s what I’d like to share with you now. This simple three step strategy that’ll help guarantee you’ll be able to deal with any situation and never put your life at risk.

We’ve taught the exact same system to Military, Police, NHS Staff, Security staff and everyday people just like you. It’s been proven to work in real life situations and has saved people from certain injury.


The first step of the system, and most important, is Awareness. You need to be aware of your surroundings, the potential dangers, and possible threats.

But it’s so easy to walk around in a daydream completely unaware of your surroundings.

See if this situation sounds familiar. How many times have you arrived at work but can’t remember the journey there?

Take this morning for example. Do you remember your drive to work? Or the morning school run? Or the going to the shops? The answer is probably not, unless something unexpected happened. You were in a state of total unawareness.

We call this being in Code White and for self defence purposes this is the worst state to be in.

Instead you should aim to be in Code Yellow at all times. This is a state of relaxed awareness. You are aware of your surroundings and any potential threats.

There are three other Colour Codes but I wont go into those now.

When you are aware of you surroundings you can easily deal with potential dangers before they ever present themselves.


That’s right, even as a leading expert in self defence, with over 40 years experience, running away is still my primary self defence tactic.

This can often be very difficult to do but is by far the best option if available.

Let me give you an example. You’re walking home late at night and coming in the other direction is a group of rowdy lads out on the town. What do you do?

Do you keep walking towards them and hope they’re harmless or simply cross the road and avoid the situation entirely?

The smart self defence option is to avoid the situation entirely.

There’s also another kind of avoidance called de-escalation. How you act when someone threatens you will have a big impact on whether punches are thrown.

Imagine you’re in a bar an someone insults you. Do you insult them right back? Do you stand up and get their face? Or do you accept it, say nothing, and walk away calmly.

It’s easy to get upset in these kind of situations and walking away can be hard on your ego, but it’s a lot safer that the alternative.

Using physical self defence techniques should only be used when you have no other option.

In my experience if you get in a fight you will always get injured. Even if you only throw a single punch theres a good chance you’ll break your hand or get an infection from a ‘fight bite’. There are the legal repercussions of being in a fight.

Let me give you an example. A few years ago I heard of a road rage incident involving two guys. The details of why they fought are unimportant and the fight itself was brief; only one punch was thrown.

The result of that punch is a perfect illustration of why avoidance is always better than a confrontation. One of the guys went to the morgue and the other went to prison for man slaughter.

I hope you now see why avoidance is always my first choice, a single punch can have life changing consequences.

However, even with the best awareness and understanding of avoidance there may still be times you require physical action.

Step #3: ACTION

When it’s time to take action make you moves decisive. You want to be out of that situation as fast as possible and take as little damage as possible.

Of course your response should be of an acceptable level to the situation. It’s no good sending someone to the hospital just because they blew a raspberry at you.

When it comes to physical self defence, you want to fight dirty. A self defence is not a boxing match; there are no rules and there is no referee.

When you’re life is on the line you should deal with the situation swiftly and decisively. After all you never know who is lurking round the corner or how many friends they’ve may have ready to get involved.

Your attacks should aim for the soft bits. We teach our beginner students not to be a GEENT. These are your primary striking targets are the Groin, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat

These target are easy to hit and instinctive. which is important as you won’t be able to perform complex tasks in high stress situations.

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That’s it. That’s the Triple A self defence system.

These three steps can keep you safe in any situation. Be AWARE of your surroundings, AVOID a situation before it happens and be decisive in your ACTIONS.

There’s obviously a lot more you need to learn but this is a great start. If you are interested in learning how to protect yourself and your family I have a special offer for you.

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