Summer Camp Orientation | Kids Martial Arts Plymouth | 30 Days FREE

This Saturday 7th July we are having our Summer Camp Orientation. The Orientation starts at 1.30pm and will run last for around an hour to an hour and a half.

Coach Andy and Coach Mark have been working super hard to make this an awesome event. They have a lot of events and activities planned both inside and outside the academy.

They will also be introducing students to many different aspects of martial arts training that aren’t normally covered within the regular classes.

The goal of the summer camp, however is not just improving the students martial arts skills. A big part of what they will be covering is life skills development. Skills such as Self Confidence, Discipline, Focus, and Determination.

The biggest part of the summer camp will be fun. This is by far, the best way for anyone to learn. If an activity is fun and engaging then students tend to develop a lot faster and a lot better then any other way.

The Martial Arts Summer Camp Orientation will tell you exactly what will happen in at the Summer Camp, how it will benefit your child, and the instructors will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The Orientation takes place on Saturday 7th July at 1.30pm. A little more information can be found at https://martialartsplymouth.co.uks/summer-camp/#