Introduction to Sparring | October 2012

Do you want to learn to spar safely and effectively?

On Saturday 20th October from 2.00pm – 3.30pm we are holding an FREE Introduction to Sparring Workshop.

Sparring is one of the most enjoyable aspects of martial arts training. However, many people do not understand how to spar effectively and safely. They wrongly think sparring is the same as fighting. This could not be further from truth.

Sparring is about applying your technical skill against a resisting partner in a controlled environment. Notice how I never used the term fighting. Fighting is what you do in a ring or for to defend yourself. Sparring is a tool to improve your skills.

Sparring is also a vital component to becoming a competent martial artist. There are so many positive benefits and skills that you can develop through sparring, if its performed correctly. Here are some of the benefits of Sparring are;

– Develop the correct time to throw techniques (called timing)
– Learn the proper distance to through techniques (called range)
– Sparring is great for developing fitness
– It’s a lot of fun.
– It will develop self confidence

Like any other aspect of training students need to be taught how to spar safely and effectively. That’s what this seminar is all about.

The seminar is FREE to any of our adult students providing you have a complete Sparring safety kit. This includes

– 16oz Gloves
– Shin Instep Guards
– Groin Guard
– Gum Shield
– Hand Wraps

If you want to attend the seminar but don’t have the complete sparring kit, you can purchase the complete sparring kit from the Academy for £79.00

You can sign up for the seminar at the academy reception or by filling out the form below;