If You Practice Martial Arts Are Less Likely To Injure Yourself In A Fall!

New Study Shows People Who Practice Martial Arts Are Less Likely To Injure Themselves In A Fall!

One of the biggest fears many people have is falling. And it’s a sensible fear to have. After all, I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people falling and breaking their arms, collar bones, or worse.

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I have a good friend, that fell and broke their coccyx, which by her account sounds horrendous. She was in constant pain and she couldn’t sit, lay, or stand comfortably for weeks!

However, it turns out (not surprisingly) if you train martial arts you have a far LESS likely to injure yourself from a fall.

A study by Boguszewski et al from the University of Warsaw called “Susceptibility To Injury During Falls In Women Practicing Combat Sports and Martial Arts” showed:

“The results of the research conducted prove that it would be advisable to promote exercises in safe falling in different groups of people (children, adults and the elderly) as a form of preventing falls.”

You can check out the full article below: http://pjst.awf-bp.edu.pl/download/Pol_J_Sport_Tourism_22_pp15-24.pdf

But as I know journals don’t make the most exciting ready, the important conclusion is this; if you know a martial art, you WILL be safer in a fall.

And that’s what matters. Martial Arts training will provide you with so much more than just learning to kick and punch or a great workout. It will help you in every area of your life from helping you to stay safe in a fall to developing self-confidence.

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